About Me
Kristanto Sean Njotoprawiro
Birth Date : 27 December 1991
Born in : Indonesia, Surabaya

Nothing much to say about me, really.. But yeah, INTRODUCTIONZ :

When I was still in High School, I really love taking math classes. I even joined math clubs as my extra curriculum. Thanks to that, I also learned to love physics, chemistry, and any other math-related subjects. I thank math classes for making my high school years enjoyable(no sarcasm!). 

After finishing Senior High, I have to make a decision on what University I should go to and what major should I choose. I ended up choosing Ciputra University because of 2 reason : 1. Its a smooth 20 minute ride from my home to the university, better than any universities I found. 2. They have Information Technology as a major and I find it pretty interesting because they have applied math in it.

My first semester went pretty well, I got a good GPA. On my second semester, I was confident that I could take more credit points and still maintain my GPA, I proved myself wrong. I passed everything with an average-low GPA. Third semester was a nightmare for me because I got really lazy and no longer have the interest on working hard, still passed everything though, with a lower GPA compared to the previous one. After that I decided to pick myself up and work harder to get better GPA. In the end, I finally obtained the bachelor degree with a GPA of 3.56.

After obtaining my major, I plan to go overseas and obtain my master's degree. While waiting for that to happen, I decided to open this software house to fill in my free-time. Yuy!



Playgroup/TK Margie



Gloria Elementary School, Indonesia



Gloria Junior High School, Indonesia



Gloria Senior High School, Indonesia



Ciputra University, Indonesia (Faculty of Information Technology)


Learned :

Java Programming for Software Applications
Database Administration
PHP, CSS, Javascript for Web Development
Mobile Application Programming with Eclipse (Android)
Adobe Photoshop for Web Design
Adobe Flash Programming (ActionScript 2)
Adobe Premiere and iMovie for Video Editing
Simple Game Design with GameMaker
Math Tutor for High School Students


Currently Learning :

libgdx for game design and development
Adobe Flash Programming for ActionScript 3
Building a responsive web design
Efficient PHP Framework


Work Experiences

Fiesto Informatika Indonesia (Nov 2013 - Mar 2014)

Status Part-Time Job
Job Description Web Programmer
Projects Web Development
Portfolios www.wolawola.com


Ciputra University (Nov 2013 - Now)

Status Part-Time Job
Job Description Programmer
Projects Website + Software Developer
Portfolios www.migranindonesia.com